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Creativity connects us to our natural world, provides delight, meaning and beauty. 

About Me

My goal is to create things which speak to your heart.


Hi! I'm Lyndsay. I am a modern calligrapher and impressionist artist, residing in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia with my husband, and little ones - two girls and two boys.

Wonder and curiosity have forever been in my core values and I always carry a firm belief that anything is possible.  Making art is an expression of this for me that I get to share with you. 

My main focus is in calligraphy for weddings and brands,

acrylic painting and surface pattern design.

I've loved hand-writing since learning cursive in elementary school and making art was one of my first loves as a child. Cultivating a creative life is so important to me and I am grateful to be here on this journey.




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