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Which Marker is the most Waterproof?

Which marker will stand up to rain drops?

I wanted to test out some of my favorite markers that I use for lettering on my packages when I’m getting my orders ready for the mail.

I recently had an incident where a few water drips mistakenly fell on some of the address lettering I had done on an oversized envelope and the writing literally just exploded onto the page like watercolor! Soooo, I’d love for that not to happen in the future, especially if I’m doing a client job and there’s a chance the packaging or mail might ever come into contact with rain drops.

Some of the pens I used state right on them that they are waterproof, but I wanted to do my own test just to see for myself.

I tested out the following pens:

Pigma Brush (Marked Waterproof)

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen (Marked Waterproof)

Kelly Creates


Sharpie Permanent

Pigma Micron (Marked Waterproof)

I wrote out all six of the brand names on an oversized envelope, then gave it a couple hours just to ensure all the inks were completely dry. Then I used a spray bottle to give the envelope a few quick shots of water mist.

Almost immediately the Tombow and the Kelly Creates began to bleed out. I'm a bit sad about this because I've only just started using the Kelly Creates and I love the small size brush pens. They are BEAUTIFUL for calligraphy! If we could get 'em in a waterproof ink, that would just be the bee's knees.

But overall, the other 4 seem to remain unchanged! The Pigma Brush, Pitt Artist Pen, Sharpie and Pigma Micron stayed put against the water drops.

Needless to say, I will be using one of those four brands to do any future addressing jobs or package doodles! I hope this was helpful. I'd love to hear from you which is your favorite black waterproof marker!

After spraying down this envelope with a water bottle, the Pigma Brush, Pitt Artist Pen, Sharpie and Pigma Micron remained unchanged!

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